Friday, April 4, 2008

dog poo bags again

After getting all excited at the prospect of biodegradable plastic-ish bags for picking up the dog poo, I realised all I was going to be doing was consuming more stuff. And doing my best to not use plastic bags (although I admit the odd few do get into the house).

The solution - ask the family. Now when the Object of My Affections' ma and pa come over they bring us their excess plastic bags. Problem solved - I am not consuming something I would not otherwise need, we don't increase our plastic bag usage and we use up some that would otherwise go to rubbish.

Good solution - am vaguely surprised that it was not immediately obvious (well, to me, anyway)...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

look back in horror

I had an image pop into my head the other day about the volume of stuff that I have discarded during my life - and it was a vision of a large and very unattractive pile of wasted food; general household waste; packaging; old shoes and clothes; toys and the general detritus that you shed in a life. And it was not attractive.

And multiply that by a few billion and it is even less so. It did however encourage me to commit to grow my notional rubbish heap as little as possible.