Tuesday, November 13, 2007

maybe a girl should dress like a bloke

I hold the fashion industry accountable for a lot of this crazy consuming in this crazy consumeristic world. The fashion churn is huge, and it is easy to fall prey to the constant demand for change.

I was going through my wardrobe the other day, throwing things out (for recycling). And I realised what an enormous number of clothes I seem to own. Compared to the very small volume of clothing that the Object of my Affections owns, the difference is exponential.

It is just as well that he has hardly any, because otherwise mine would not fit in the wardrobe ... but it did make me think that if women dressed more like men (well, the sort that don't buy a lot of clothes) then consumption globally would drop dramatically.

Mind you, the world might not be so interesting to look at ...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

the joy of shopping

I have rediscovered the joy of shopping - and it is all about serendipity - the great satisfaction of finding something when you least expect it. The small amount of shopping that I have been doing is usually at op shops or second hand shops. As it is coming up to Xmas party season and I am in fact going to a work 'do', I was a bit perturbed about what to wear. It is a frock affair and the only frock I have that still fits is about 10 years old and not exactly at the cutting edge of fashion. Was thinking that I might perhaps have concede defeat and buy something new.

BUT, went shopping with my friend on Sunday and ended up buying this most fantastic dress from a second hand clothes shop. A fancy designer number, which though not especially cheap was about 30% of what it would have cost normally (and I would never have bought it new because I just wouldn't have been looking at high end clothes). So am very happy and will be better dressed than I would have otherwise. Ha!