Thursday, March 6, 2008

how time flies

I have just rather belatedly realised I have been at this gig for over 12 months now. And although I ain't perfect, I'm pretty pleased with the progress that's been made. Have bought some stuff, but only a fraction of what I would have normally. Have also got rid of a lot of stuff that is now being used by other people, rather than stagnating at my house. Have used up a lot of stuff that was hanging about in the bathroom and laundry cupboards. I now buy virtually all of my books and CDs second hand - and am even managing to give some books away (believe me, this is a seriously significant step from the last of the great book hoarders). I shop at second hand clothes shops. And perhaps most importantly of all I am actively thinking of what I buy - transport miles, packaging, do I really need it, all that sort of thing.

However, perfection eludes me. I still have a few things to work on. The move to organics has not worked as I would have liked - due mainly to convenience and the obstruction of the object of my affections (he's pretty good, but gets obstinate on some things. Most irritating). I still have too much stuff in my life, and every now and again I do buy something new. But hardly ever. Like most things, a work in progress ...

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