Friday, May 16, 2008

car stuff

I have diligently not posted about cars so far. And no, it is not because I am the secret owner of a great honking 4WD. It is because they are not of much interest to me as I don't drive. Don't see the need to, never have, probably never will.

The Object of My Affections and I do have a car (well, I suppose he has it, but I do get to ride in it sometimes!) It is a Ford Focus - a fairly small car that is suitable for two people. We are now looking (alright, he is) at getting a new car - a small station wagon affair. Diesel.

I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. And I confess, it has been triggered by having a couple of large dogs to drag about. Makes me realise what a very first world life we lead.

On the upside I am a diligent train user, that has to count for something. And I walk a lot to get from A to B. On my way to the train station each morning as I wait to cross the road, I am always amazed at the fact that 95% of the cars that go past only have one person in them. There is something deeply, deeply wrong about that.


daharja said...

Don't buy a new car. Just don't. We're right at Peak Oil, and I don't know whether supplies will be good or not over the next few years, or whether rationing will be in soon. But I do know one thing - buying a new car will not be a good use of your money.

If you need wheels (apart from a bike), buy the most fuel-efficient small used car possible. Not to old but certainly don't spend any more than what you're willing to walk away from in a year and count as lost money.

Early Retirement Extreme said...

We have a focus too. I have found that it actually seats 5. As long as they're not too heavy.

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Just found you via the blogosphere and just love the concept of the whole Compact ideal. Now to see if I can talk my partner into taking the 12 month challenge? My car is 17 this year, but still economical, I also love to cycle but living way out in the bush makes cycling everywhere difficult. Great ideas - thanks.