Saturday, September 29, 2007

in search of a soap shaker

Does anyone out there know where you can buy soap shakers? I want to give up on the detergent thing and remember soap shakers from when I was a kid. Can I find one anywhere? No!

I think there would be a good market for them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

slipping in the temple of consumerism

The object of my affections and I have just got back from holiday - went to Singapore for a couple of days and then on to Malaysia. Very fabulous all round apart from the overnight return flight which has left me feeling somewhat bleary eyed.

So there I was in shopping mecca. Two things happened:

1. I had a slight crisis of faith wondering whether what we are trying to do is making the slightest bit of difference. There was stuff and frenzied shopping everywhere. I was led to wonder whether or not I bought one pair of shoes a year or five really made much difference in the scheme of things. Am pleased to report that I gave myself a stern talking to and reminded myself that this is about personal values and how I want to live my life. It seemed to work, howver ...

2. And I think this is related, I bought some things. Nothing major, and certainly didn't go wild, but I did buy some new items that I would be hard pressed to classify as necessary.

At this point, I will confess that I am obsessed with pashminas. I think I have a pashmina fetish. I have many, and yet I needed more ...

I am wondering whether this was part of the 'holiday syndrome' where I tend to be a bit more relaxed about some things than I generally am. Is it because part of the charm of being on holiday is that normal work and life are suspended? Is this all part of relaxing, letting the proverbial hair down? Don't know really. But I can say, that I was restrained in my purchasing (I knew I would have to 'fess up here - you people keep me honest!) So, I did buy a few things but a lot less than I would have in my former life.

Will have to have some better strategies in place for next time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

now we're getting personal

Ok - it's time to face the undie issue. Knickers. I noticed the other day that my underwear is looking decidely past its best, which is not a suprise given it is well past the first flush of youth. And I confess, there is a fair amount of man made materials in my 'collection'. So it may last for years without wearing out, but just look shabbier and shabbier. Which is not a good look should I ever suffer the misfortune of being run over by a bus or find myself in other knicker revealing environments (ok, this would be the changing room at the gym - my life is not that exciting).

What to do? I don't need new underwear as what I have is functional, but there is going to come a point in the foreseeable future when the shabby nature of my intimate apparel is just not going to make me feel good.

How long should we hang on to our undies? Buy them at 20 and have them last the distance with you? I am sure it is probably technically possible but it sure is not an attractive thought.

What to do?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

hanky panky

This winter has seen the return of the hanky. I have reverted from user of tissues to user of handkerchiefs. And I must say I am not enjoying it much.

Tissues are a much more agreeable option than hankies - they come in small packs, you use them once and then you dispose of them. Hankies on the other hand can only be described as deeply unattractive after the first use - and quite frankly they don't get any better. Dragging a crumpled up, nasty looking hanky out of my bag to blow my nose on does not cheer me up. And if I was not to use a hanky and not to buy tissues - then the only avenue left is toilet paper. And that is even worse (although I must say I have been reduced to this on a couple of occasions).

But I guess everything has its price, and using hankies which are washed and last for many years has got to be the best solution, unless anyone has any better ideas. (And please don't suggest wiping my nose on my sleeve - happy to say I gave that up a very long time ago).

Thankfully spring is here and I am hoping that the need for hankies will be over soon. Till next winter anyway.